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A-One Page Website Powered Through Shopify or Wix. It’s the main page for all websites and a single/home page. This is for the focus of brands who only need one major page/landing page.

Service included:

  • Contact Form Set Up

  • Booking Feature (As Needed)

  • Email Marketing Set-Up

  • Social Media Integration

  • Extra Features as needed *

  • Web Site Launch graphic


One page website doesn’t include:

  • Setting up payment options

  • Importing products

  • Setting up features on the back end such as SEO

Website Homepage Design Only (Landing Page)

  • Upon purchase, clients will be sent an automated form to submit all info. Before starting you MUST have a Shopify/Wix account and plan ready! Must have all necessary information submitted within 3 business days of purchasing. If you fail to do so, your project will be placed on a day-for-day extension. This means for each day your information is late the turnaround time will be extended.

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